Kerala Tree houses are wooden houses built on top the trees and are emerging as a new symbol in tourism in Kerala. In simple sense Tree house in Thekkady is a house built on top of a tree or trees using eco-friendly materials such as coir mats, bamboo poles, hay- straws, live trees etc are the raw materials . Modern Tree houses in resorts are modified versions of “Erumadam”, usually used by the tribals and hunter to escape from the attacks of wild animals. Treehouses in kerala are available in Thekkady, Munnar and Vythiri and is fastly emerging as a symbol of Kerala Tourism like Houesboats in Kerala.

Vanya is a Tree house in Thekkady means “the beauty of the forest” in Malayalam and the experience in Vanya does justice to the name of this treehouse which is built on a single tree on the face of the hill.. Vanya experience starts with a journey in the Jeep from where you have to
trek to reach the treehouse in Thekkady. The trek is of moderate effort and involves a climb across the face of a hill in the forest with three different pit stops. The Treehouse is made of ecofriendly wooden materials and the stay in this tree house offers a panoramic view of surrounding Forests, Hills and Valleys. You can also view some wild animals if you are lucky enough.

When you opt for a holiday in a Tree house you will be staying in one of the most picturesque spots in the entire South India and should compulsorily take your cameras and binoculars.