Harvest Fresh farms Organic Farm Stay grows pomegranates as it chief harvest along with papaya, grape, coconut, tender coconut, sapota, mango and an apiary that produces the finest honey. The farm is also home to cows, geese, turkey, flying ducks and a flock of hens. A well laid out vegetable garden and an herbal garden ensures that there is fresh produce at all times in the kitchens. Accommodation is simple and comfortable with scenic views of the valley. Delicious traditional and local cuisine is served. Guests are invited to join in activities like harvesting in the fruit garden and tending to the animals. It is a great opportunity for people to learn about organic farming and with this hands on experience. As the sun sets, guests can relax, watch the stars, or simply read in quite luxury.

 It is a beautiful valley with luxurious green fields and and Organic Farm near Thekkady; you simply cannot miss the lush paddy, swaying coconut trees, vineyards bursting with green gems and the beautiful vegetables and spice plantation that are around year long. Abundant water from the Periyar River makes the Cumbum valley the most fertile valley in South India.

Day trips are also welcomed, where visitors to the farm can take a bullock cart ride, learn about organic farming, feed the farm animals, enjoy commanding views of the valley flanked by mountains and enjoy a sumptuous meal prepared from the freshest local and organic produce.  The farm stay has three well  appointed rooms fitted with modern amenities.