Frequently Asked Questions

What is FridaySunday?

FridaySunday is an experience discovery website where you can list and discover unique, travel, hobby, dining and culinary experiences.

Why should I use FridaySunday?

We make it easy and hassle-free for you to discover any kind of experience or find something to do on your weekend and in free time. If you have some free time and is looking for something unique to experience , you should use FridaySunday.

How does FridaySunday work?

If you are looking for an experience in your free time, we help you to discover handpicked experiences and contact the organizer who has listed that experience. We don’t take booking on our website . Once you contact the organizer, he will help you in booking etc.,
If you are an organizer who are looking for some customers for your experience , you can list the experience in FridaySunday and customers who are interested in your experience will contact you and we just provide you more customers.

Who can use FridaySunday?

Anyone who is looking for a unique experience can use FridaySunday. Whether you want to go for a weekend trip, want to find a hobby class, to your favorite spa or want to spend a weekend afternoon in an interesting way or looking to learn a few culinary tricks, we may have an experience in FridaySunday.

When is FridaySunday coming to my city?

Our objective is to showcase the unique experiences across India and we are not in a hurry as we want to do it at an appropriate and meaningful pace. If you can tell us about a few unique experiences that you want in your city, please feel free to reach out to us through this page.

Who can list an experience on FridaySunday?

Anyone (Individual or business) can list and organize an experience on FridaySunday. If the experience you are offering answers the question “What to do?” and you know some people who will be interested in doing that, FridaySunday is definitely the place for you. Whether you’re a chef who wants to organize a cooking class, an aspiring dancer who wants to start a dance revolution or a winery owner offering tours of your winery – your activities and experiences are welcome here.

What kind of experiences can I find on fridaySunday?

All sorts of things. Think unique walking tours guided by locals and cooking classes hosted by professional chefs. Just about anything, all organized by individuals like yourself! or businesses like resorts and hotels.

When did FridaySunday launch?

We launched in June 2013, just at the same time Monsoon arrived in Kerala!

How do I contact FridaySunday?

The best way to contact us, is to send us an email at

How do I create a listing on FridaySunday?

Creating a listing only takes a few minutes:
1.Login, or create an account on FridaySunday.
2. Then, go to the ‘Offer an Experience’ button on the top.
3. You are now ready to create a listing. Provide all the information that’s needed and you’re done.
4. Once you submit the listing, we will review it against our guidelines and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to send us an email at

How can I book an experience on FridaySunday?

If you want to book an experience on FridaySunday , you can contact the organizer who has listed that experience. We don’t take booking on our website . Once you contact the organizer, he will help you in booking etc offline.

Do I get a notification when someone wants to book an experience?

Yes, we will send you an email when someone has posted an enquiry through the Enquire Now button in your experience listing.. Once a participant contacts you, you can directly converse and coordinate with the participant.